5 Tips to Save Money at Home

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Here are some good ideas for good people like you and me.

We’re all busy. No one has any time. We don’t have billionaire parents or spouses. And we want to save money. How does one make the best of what life has handed us? By being smart, planning ahead and being prepared for those times when despite the best of intentions, we’re tempted to slip up only to regret it almost immediately?

We’re talking about the basics. Groceries, home supplies… things that make the world go around.

Make a daily menu for two weeks

Make a daily menu for all meals for two weeks. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and midnight snacks. Drinks. Everything you think you’re going to want to eat. It will take a bit of doing in the beginning but once you have it down, it’s just a matter of cut and paste. Make sure you have read-to-eat food on the list.

Get comfortable with Google Spreadsheets or Excel

Take the info from your two-week menu and transpose it into a spreadsheet, with numbers next to the items. This is an excellent way of planning your monthly budget. You’ll know what to buy and how much.

Keep a list and pen on your fridge / supply closet

Most of your monthly purchases are within in the fridge or supply closet. And if you keep modifying this on the fridge… you’ll remember to add it to your computer or phone list later on.

Buy extra toilet tissue, light bulbs, toothpaste etc

These are usually more expensive at the corner store… when you’ve discovered at the last minute you’ve run out of some critical item. It’s a good idea to stock up in bulk and restock in advance.

Carry your own shopping bags

This is not going to save you money… but it will clean out your conscience and you’ll set a great example for your kids – or co-workers. Plastic is disgusting and will pollute the planet for generations to come. It is a great idea to buy (or make) cloth bags. Get evangelical.