Cutting The Cord 3: Streaming Services Guide

There are many Streaming Services that give you access to great content, but it can be a bit overwhelming. There are definitely tons of other ways you can save money by being smart about which services you want to pick up, but if you’re looking for a place to start off, this is a great primer and guide to help you figure out what to do. We’ll try our best to keep this list current and updated as new services become available and as prices change. This guide was last edited on 8/20/2017. Its part of our Cutting The Cord series.

Netflix ($7.99 – 11.99/mo) – This one is pretty much a requirement. The selection of movies and shows are second to none, and they’re always adding more content. Previously, there were more movie titles and shows available on Netflix, but since the streaming ecosystem has matured since then, many titles have moved away from Netflix and are only available on other providers.

  • Basic – ($7.99/mo) – 1 screen, does not support HD or 4K
  • Standard – ($9.99/mo) – 2 screens, supports HD, does not support 4K  ⇦ Three Broke Guys Pick
  • Premium – ($11.99/mo) – 4 screens, supports 4K Ultra HD

HBO NOW ($14.99/mo) – There is some great content that is exclusive to HBO, such as Game of Thrones and Westworld. If you’re into them and other HBO only titles, then you’ll want to spring for this.

Hulu – Hulu focuses more on TV Shows, and has access to shows but also has some great movie titles too. The catch with Hulu is that you can only see new TV shows the day after they air on live TV, and Hulu only has the most recent episodes in a series at any point in time. If your household does watch a lot of TV, and you don’t need to binge shows all at once, then Hulu might be a great option for you to get access to most shows that you’ll find on TV at any point in time. You just have to wait at least 1 day, and up to 7 days for the episode to be available.

  • Limited Commercials – ($9.99/mo) – Slightly cheaper, and has commercials which will interrupt each show or movie. If you don’t mind commercials and want to save the money, This is your best options.
  • No Commercials – ($11.99/mo) – If you cant stand commercials, and it sounds like its worth $2 per month extra, then this plan is the right choice.
  • Amazon Prime Video – (Comes with Prime Membership, $99 per year) – If you have Amazon Prime, you have access to Amazon’s content which has Shows and a good selection of movies too. Its movie selection is limited in terms of what you have access to from your prime membership, so you do have to pay for some movies. Still, if you were considering a prime membership for the shipping and other perks, this is one more reason to consider it.

Live TV, News and Sports

  • Sling – ($20/mo and up) – Sling is the undisputed king of Streaming Live TV.  You can get access to news, sports and other programming that you’re used to. They’ve even sweetened the deal by offering a Roku Express if you buy 2 months of service or a Roku Premier+ for $50 with three months of service, which are both pretty great deals. If you need your Live TV, this deal is a great option.
    • Sling Orange – ($20/mo) – This package has the most popular channels here, and for most people this is more than enough. There are more channels available in other packages, but if you just want to set up one TV with the basics, you have sports, movies, news and many other types of channels.
    • Sling Blue – ($25/mo) – You get local programming, Fox regional sports and NBC regional sports coverage.
    • Additional Packages – ($5-$15/mo each) – You can add in lots of other services if you want more sports, news stations or regional programming.