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How To ‘Unbox’ On A YouTube Video And Become A Millionaire

The Rise Of The Unboxers

Instant millionaires, many of them not even teenagers yet, and some as young as age five are becoming YouTube sensations earning their parents (or themselves) millions of dollars through Google AdSense.

What are they doing?

Something called ‘unboxing’ and no, it’s not a euphemism for something sinister or sort of geeky code. All that these new-age millionaires are doing is opening up boxed goods in front of a camera.

Often, you don’t even see the person’s face, as in the case of as in the case of DC Toys Collector, once called ‘DisneyCollectorBR’ a mysterious female voice with glittery fingernails and a vaguely oriental accent, who has billions of views across her YouTube channel.

Or ‘BluCollection ToyCollector’ another YouTube channel where you hear a male voice opening up kids playthings in a similar fashion… with a same-sounding accent, leading to much speculation that the two are an item.

Perhaps one of the most striking examples is of a young boy, Ryan, who is barely six years old. His channel ‘Ryan ToysReview’ started in the spring of 2015 by his mother, is now watched across the globe by – dare we say it – billions of kids, generating millions in advertising revenue for his family. Needless to say, his mom has quit her reaching job and devotes her time to providing little Ryan with more and more toys to open up and get excited about.

It appears that children seem to enjoy the (vicarious) thrill of someone else’s exitement. And they don’t mind watching the same video over and over again…before moving on to the next toy, the next fun thing.

It’s not something psychologists, seasoned product marketers or brand managers could have predicted. But it’s here and here to stay.

So much so that this June, Packgd, a company backed by Google is looking to make the unwrapping of products into big business.

They aim to make videos containing Disney products, Apple items, L’Oreal’s makeup and so on. They will not be selling these items… they will only be making videos of someone opening the products up and they’re counting on the fact that there are millions of YouTubers eagerly waiting for the familiar rustle and crackle of ripping paper online.

“One in five people on YouTube are watching unboxing videos,” Eric Feng, the startup’s CEO and founder, said to fortune Magazine recently. “This retail content is entertainment.”

To back their theory up with fact, Google’s data teams analyzed that that​ 62% of people who watch unboxing videos are researching a potential purchase.

This ought to be excellent news for Packagd.

Just type ‘unboxed’ in Google and follow your nose through to YouTube to see the many videos already up.

But wait a second, how about you? What can you do to jump in on the $$$ action?

For a start, you can get all the equipment necessary to make your own video at home and then just create your own channel and begin unboxing interesting things you can find around you.

What Do You Need To Make Unboxing Videos at Home

  1. If you already have a smart phone, chances are that your camera is already good enough, but if you feel like you’re not happy with the video quality, invest in a good smartphone.
  2. You probably need to get some more memory if your phone supports it so you can focus on shooting video, and not on wasting time worrying about how much memory you have left.
  3. If you’d rather have a dedicated setup for this, invest in a good hand-held camera. Here are some good options for under $150:
    1. YI Action Camera 1080p
    2. Canon PowerShot ELPH Series
  4. You’re also going to need a computer to download the videos to, and to do any editing. You don’t need to go crazy with this, but having a computer gives you options and makes putting everything together a little easier.

Microphones, Lights and a Backdrops are Your Best Friend

  1. Most folks overlook the importance of lighting, but its one of the biggest factors that you have control over, that will make your video’s look great. Lights will make or break your video.
  2. Getting a decent microphone is important so that your viewers can hear what is going on.
  3. You also may want to have a backdrop that will help give your videos character, or a clean professional look.

Here are a bunch of great options for microphones, lights and backdrops that can help get you started.

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Last updated on February 15, 2018 5:41 am